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i'm Jenny.

austinboubou-deactivated2012031 said: ohh how long n MD? i have no phone right now

its been a while and what happened to your phone? )= do you still go on aim?

austinboubou-deactivated2012031 said: ]: oh.. I fucken miss you . I went to bancroft today. but i dont know where u at.. oh well /<3

ifmy too! i’m back at md. ): your ass should text me sometime.

austinboubou-deactivated2012031 said: what happen to ur facebook

it became a big distraction so i deleted it

make it happen.: idontevenknow.


why you deleted your facebook. why you said “we could still talk&facebook eachother”. we were still supposed to be BFF’s once you moved -.- we were still supposed to talk on the phone like you said. but whenever i call you dont piccc up. whats wrong ? you were the only one i could tell stufff to….

you can still talk to me girl!

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